Dear Keysborough Animal Shelter
I wanted to write and update you on our beautiful cat Cleopatra. We adopted her on April 16 2005 when she was 4. We had come to the shelter the week prior with the view of adopting a kitten. While we looked through the cattery we walked past Cleo’s enclosure and I bent down to talk to her and was met with a hiss and an angry expression. For whatever reason we were pressed for time, and decided to return the next weekend to adopt, so as not to rush our choice. The next weekend we walked through the cattery again and saw the same cat. This time when we said hello she poked her paw through the wire and let out the most sorrowful meow, as if to say “I’m sorry for my reaction last time, I made a terrible mistake!”. For some reason that struck a chord with me, and I just had to take her home.
Her first little while at our house was tough for her, as she was scared of everything. She lived under our bed for several days. Eventually she built up trust in us and ventured out of her hiding spot. From there she came out of her shell more and more each day and it wasn’t long before she was very much at home with us. She was never what you would call a lap cat, instead she preferred her bed, the couch or her favourite spot – sleeping in a window on a sunny day. In 2008 we learned we were expecting a baby. I was so sick throughout the entire pregnancy and often in bed. Cleo became my constant shadow and was always sleeping next to me, “looking after me”. When our son was born in early 2009 she accepted him as if he had always been around. As our son has grown up she has sat patiently and allowed herself to be included in his games and he has grown to love her too.
Yesterday on April 17 2014 – 9 years and 1 day after we welcomed her into our home and our hearts – we had to say goodbye to our Cleo. After a decline in health she passed away at the age of 13. We are so very heartbroken, but are taking comfort in the fact that she went through her life knowing a lot of love. She had many happy years with us and will live on forever in our memories. Thankyou for the work you do there at the shelter for the many cats out there that are like her. Hers was really a success story that I thought you might like to hear.
The Carey Family