Hello lovely Keysborough folk,
I adopted this beautiful boy from you when he was 3 months old.  He’d spent 4 weeks with you before I go him.  He was such a gorgeous puppy.  He was in a kennel with another dog and I had looked at many that day and was just about to leave when he came out from the bedding area.
He was very friendly and playful, so his luck was in that day!  On the description card on his kennel was ‘Kelpie X Red Sable’.  No one could tell me what he was crossed with, only that he’d been  surrendered as he was too boisterous for the young family who’d had him.  Anyway I took him home and he’s been my best mate ever since.
I called him Angus, a good Scottish name, and he really suits it.   He’s now 7-1/2.  He’s had 2 ACL reconstructions, so he’s also now $7000dog!!!  He’s very well looked after, just look at his shiny coat!
He loves a walk, being with me and involved in whatever’s going on in the house.  He can be a bit snarly with other male dogs when we’re out walking but otherwise, no worries.
I’ve been meaning to send you a photo for a long time.  So I hope you enjoy it.  Keep up the good work!

Kind regards