Bella – ‘Little Shadow’

bella Over 1 and a half years ago, I came to the shelter looking for a best friend. There was one cage I kept walking past that looked empty, but something kept telling me ‘this is the one’. I checked the ticket on the door and called her name, and an adorable charcoal sweetheart popped her head out from the blankets she was hiding under and ran to the door to say hello. I spent some time getting to know her and I knew instantly that she would be coming home with me. We have been on big journey together. Since adopting her, I’ve moved all the way from south east suburbs to Wangaratta up north, and she traveled like an absolute star without a single fuss the whole way. 5 year old Bella is affectionately known as ‘Little Shadow’ as she almost can’t stand being in a room alone if I’m home. She loves her catnip mouse, getting into bags, playing with foil balls and fighting with shoes and tv remotes. For a person like myself who suffers depression, adopting Bella was the best thing I have ever done for my health and happiness.