Bodie bear. Well actually he wasn’t a bear he was my 17 year old blue heeler who snuggled off to sleep peacefully at home in 2006.

Bodie was a handsome boy who was born at Kings Creek Station in the Northern Territory where he lived with his four legged mum Addie and grandma Jedda. Bodie was more like his grandma than his mum. He was strong, loyal, loving and very handsome and devoted to his two legged and four legged family. My boy.

Bodie came to live with us in Melbourne when he was three months old; he traveled to Melbourne with his two legged Nana and Pa in a coach full of school children who welcomed him onto their tour from the Northern Territory to Melbourne.

I was lucky to be Bodie’s two legged Mum.

Bodie loved to play ball, lie in the dirt under the deck and under the plumbago plant and he loved his family. When Bodie came to live with us he found two new four legged brothers Ben (Bordercollie Cross) and later Jess (Jack Russell).

Bodie was a gentle soul, I will always remember one day many years ago when Bodie snuck in side the house and took my teddy bear off my bed. Bodie did not hurt my teddy he simply took him for a swim in the fish pond and sat in the sun with him until he dried.

As Bodie grew up he would wait for his two legged mum to come home from work, he would wait at the gate every night at the same time his nose peaking out under the gate. When I arrived home he would snuggle my hand under the gate. Except for one day when I wore a new perfume. I don’t think he liked that brand he looked at me and went back to sit at the back door. He did get used to that perfume and continued to snuggle under the gate at the end of the day for many years. That was the best part of the day.

Bodie became best friends with his little brother Jess and would look to see where Jess was. Jess would go to Bodie’s shed and check on him, he and Bodie would rub noses and then Jess would go back onto the deck, close enough to keep an eye on his big brother and Mum but far enough to let us sit in the sun and enjoy a quiet moment together.

As Bodie got older we spoilt him more and more everyday. He would sit out on the deck and snuggle in fluffy blankets to keep warm in winter. Every night Bodie would snuggle in his blanket on his mum’s knee. Every week Bodies Mum, Dad and Nana would save one dollar coins and take it in turns to go to the local laundromat to wash his blankets in the puppy friendly washer. Dollar coins soon became known as Bodie dollars. They still are and will always be known as Bodie dollars. Ashley( my daughter) was not born when we had Bodie but she loves him tons and millions more than the world. As much as she loves her new 4 legged brother Max (Jack Russel Kelpie Cross).

Bodie was very lucky to have had a long, healthy and happy life. When he snuggled off to sleep we knew that he would want to help other puppies to have a happy life. So we still save Bodie dollars and donate them to the AAPS to help other puppies. We chose AAPS because Bodies puppy cousin Jude had lived at AAPS for a short time before she found her new home with Bodie’s two legged uncle. Whilst Bodie was lucky so were we. Bodie still lies in the sun under a plumbago plant and he will always be with us. Jess still went to Bodies shed and sat on the deck where he used to sit with his big brother until last year when he went to sleep in my arms. We know he will be playing with Bodie now. Our boys are back together and always in our hearts.