Hi rob
I just wanted to touch base and let you know that Bonnie (who spent some time with you age 8 and then at age 9 a year later) is still doing wonderfully,  6 years later with me. Some of you may remember her as the very overweight,  small statured, red brindle,  whippet X iggy. Her coat is particularly noticeable as it looks like sometime tipped oil on her back and rubbed it in. I’ve only ever seen one other whippy with those markings. Possibly her brother.
Bonnie has a wonderful life as part of one of the original members of a puppy play group called come play with my whippet. She has so many friends (human and dog)  and is very good at using her adoring look to score free treats from everyone she meets. Thus her still rotund, not normal whippy physique haha
The group even does a big Christmas doggy day where we get photos with Santa and donate to animal charities.
Bonnie also has two kitty brothers,  a big staghound younger brother and very senior horse brother. Who all adore her.
Thank you for taking Bonnie back the second time so that I may find her. I went there for another dog but a worker there mentioned that she was hidden out the back and I was so glad she did. Bonnie has opened up so many things for me and I just love her to bits.