We adopted “Bucci” just over a year and a half ago. She came to us post operative after being spayed and was silent for the first week. She didn’t make a sound. Then when she got to trust us, she relaxed and started to enjoy herself.
Now she is part of the family and is the most loving, loyal dog. She came fully trained, walks to heel when ever she is on the lead, or off – unless there is a ball being thrown, which she brings right back as fast as she can and drops it at your feet. She is always obedient coming when she is called.

She is now living in NSW as we have had to move for work, so she gets an hour walk a day to the dog beach for swimming and ball chasing.

She is living the life now!

Thank you for giving her a second chance and putting her up for adoption.
She has brought us so much affectionate love and happiness and hopefully we have offered her something she didn’t get in her previous dog life.

Kind regards
Katrina and Matt