Buddy and Juddy


Just thought I would give you a further update, as it is now nearly two months since I adopted Buddy & Juddy, now called Missy Moo & Ginger Rogers from the AAPS in Keysborough.

These two 2-year old sisters are the most adorable cats I have ever owned. They are gentle and snuggly, mischievous and incredibly well house trained. I have gradually introduced them to the outside, they had always been indoor cats.

The funniest story was when it was a windy day, the leaves dancing in the driveway made for an enormous amount of excitement and chasing by both of them, they jumped into the pile of leave with great vigour! Then they experienced rain for the first time, they were not quite sure what was happening but seemed to enjoy the cuddly dry down with a towel when back in side again. They have made themselves right at home, and have settled in well.

Thank you to all the wonderful staff at the shelter for looking after them until I found them and brought them into my life.

warm regards
Ali 🙂