Finnegan came to live with us because Mickey our wolfhound X Collie passed away quite suddenly from cancer, he was 11yrs.  It was and still is very sad for us but his fur sister Bella (10 1/2)yrs) missed him terribly and she became withdrawn and depressed.   We came to visit you and brought Bella as well, to see if she could find another friend to help be  happy again.  After meeting some lovely dogs, she met Finnegan.  Something clicked between them and after spending some time with him at the shelter, we felt he might be the one and brought him home.  Once they established who was the new top dog (well Finnegan didn’t have a say in it, Bella just told him)as Bella decided she was moving into top dog, they have settled into spending time together and playing and sleeping together and Bella is changing back into her happy self.   Finnegan is a lovely dog, he is friendly and gentle and is so willing to learn. They love walks together and he loves lots of cuddles from us and sharing the couch with which ever family member is on it and Bella.   He has settled into our family so well and we love having him as part of it.  Bella now has a little brother to share her life with and we have Finnegan J