We adopted Furbie 18 months ago.  She was a stray cat who had been brought in to the shelter with kittens. She was not being kept in the usual viewing area and we were told she had not really been eating and was not a happy cat. She would need a lot of love. When I held her she purred and as I looked in her eyes I knew she was the cat for us.

Two weeks later we adopted Logan as a kitten. He was a gorgeous little ball of fluff. We took him home hoping that our two kitties would get along. Within a week they were grooming each other and playing.

These are two very happy cats who enjoy playing outside in our garden during the day and always come back inside in the afternoon. Furbie and Logan have become part of our family and were around to welcome our new baby daughter. They are beautiful with her and let her pat them and are extremely interested in all she does. These cats enrich our lives and we love them!

Thank you!