It was love at first sight when I met Gidget, a beautiful Rottie x Kelpie (Dog number 27953) in October 2008.  After a meet and greet and the wag of approval from my older dog Millie, Gidget joined my family  I loved her name anyway but kept it as Gidget because I didn’t want to confuse her and it soon became clear that like her on-screen namesake, my Gidget was also a water baby.  She loves to swim, especially if it involves fetching a ball.  After a few years of beachside living in Melbourne, we moved to country Victoria, enjoying long bush walks with exciting new smells, swimming in rivers and even winter snow!  Earlier this year we headed north to Cairns.  A few weeks of crate training proved really helpful for my girls and they recovered quickly from the strange ordeal of flying!  Our walks these days are shorter and slower.  We’re all older and it’s hot but the lush greenery and slower lifestyle of FNQ suits us.  The only nervous moment has been a suspected meeting with a Cane Toad!   There’ll be no swimming here either, thanks to crocs and stingers, so my girls have their wading pool at home.  Gidget has achieved Grade 3 at Obedience school and catches up with her doggie friends on our walks.  She may be a long way from AAPS but I’ll always be grateful to them for their care.  She came to AAPS with the reputation of a fence jumper, which is why she had been at the shelter for some time.  From day 1 she has never tried to escape so I prefer to believe she was waiting for me; that we were meant for each other.  I’m convinced it’s because she has all that any dog needs, a family who adore her.  She is my loving and loyal shadow and I can’t imagine life without her.  Here are some photos of my beautiful girl and her best doggie friend Millie.  Lisa xxx