Can you spare a warm bed for one of our golden oldies?

We frequently have older dogs and cats surrendered to the Shelter for a variety of reasons such as owners death or admission to a nursing home.   Most reasons are heart-breaking and the animals are often grieving or confused. In some cases these animals are reluctantly euthanased as they have serious medical conditions that even medications cannot help.

AAPS has always felt very protective towards old dogs and cats but it can be difficult to rehome them especially if they have medical conditions that require an owner to commit to on-going treatment.  We work with some rescue groups however they can only help with so many, not all.

AAPS staff and regular volunteers take home old dogs or cats which can then spend their last days/weeks/months/years in a loving and caring home, and we generally have at least 4 oldies as permanent office dogs.

What we need are kind-hearted animal-loving people who are prepared to take in an older animal for the rest of its life.  Whilst older animals do require extra care, they also sleep a lot and have an abundance of love to give. Often they readily slot in to their new homes without trauma.  If you are prepared to offer your home to an older dog or cat then AAPS needs you.


Please telephone Sue or Arabella at the Shelter to discuss this program in more detail. If Sue or Arabella are not available, please either leave your contact details or fill in an Animal Wanted Form from the web site and you will be contacted. Our contact numbers are (03) 9798 8415 or (03) 97988044

It would be great to develop a list of willing people prepared to ensure that old dogs and cats can live out their lives with the dignity and care that they deserve.