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The AAPS is an animal shelter located at 10 Homeleigh Road, Keysborough, 3173, Victoria, Australia - ph (03)9798-8415 or (03)9798-8044 - fax (03)9769-0317

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How you can help us: Sponsoring a pet pen

Each year, approximately 1800 dogs and 3000 cats and kittens are taken into the care of AAPS, along with numerous other creatures, including birds, possums, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, and goats.

We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year feeding, treating and housing these animals whilst they are in our care. You could help AAPS to continue its invaluable work in animal welfare by sponsoring a pet pen.

Click here to print out the sponsor a pen form in pdf (prefered format) .
Please note that this page will open in a new window.

dClick here to print out the sponsor a pen form in html format. This page will open in a new window. Please note, depending on your browser settings, the html format may not print on the one page.

Please return this form via mail : 10 Homeleigh Road, Keysborough, 3173 or fax to 03 9769 0317. Thank you for helping us help the animals.

If you have any problems printing out this form, please email Tess at trea@optusnet.com.au thank you.


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