Good morning Rob,
We adopted Henry just over a week ago. We’ve finally been able to integrate him to the house and Boncuk (“Bonjook” – our first cat) and wanted to share this news with you. When we first brought him home, Boncuk was very nervous and scared so there was some hissing and growling from his part. We prepared a much needed safe room for Henry first and allowed him to stay in there until he felt comfortable in the room. A couple of days later we put Boncuk in an enclosed area so that Henry could roam free and do some investigating around the house. During this time Boncuk and Henry were able to sniff eachother from under the door. We also held the door slightly ajar so that they could also meet face to face without fighting etc. Last night we let them both meet without any barriers and there was no hissing or growling. They chased eachother around quite a bit and today they are both much more relaxed and TIRED from all the chasing, so it is looking very positive. Henry’s body language is also improving. He is becoming more and more confident with his surroundings. Everything is fine. I’ve attached some photos as well 🙂