Hi guys,


Just wanted to give you an update on Humphrey (previously named ‘Lucky’) our 3 year old shorthair cat we adopted a month ago. We called him Humphrey (nickname ‘Hump’) because we think he looks quite dapper and his white neck looks a bit like a tuxedo.

Hump was a bit timid the first day or two in his new home but has since relaxed and proven himself to be a very chilled out chap who loves sitting in our laps and demanding attention.

It didn’t take long for him to find his favourite spots to sit (top of the couch, under the table). He’s definitely got a distinctive personality and loves to play (sometimes at night, when we want to go to sleep..)

He came to us with a deformed front paw with a misshapen claw protruding and he’s quite sensitive about anyone touching it. Our local vet has inspected him and says it’s fine (he was likely born with it) but something to keep an eye on and that we should keep his nails short.

It doesn’t seem to affect his balance or anything. We’re really happy to have Hump (and we’re pretty sure he likes us) and want to thank your  shelter volunteers for assisting us on the day. Thanks guys!

Regards, Ains, Chris & Hump.