Hi Guys,

I thought you’d like to know that I adopted Jack when he was already 8 years old from AAPS. This was back in 2009 and he is still going on strong!
I still remember the first day I saw him. My adopted Pomeranian Chloe needed a pal and unfortunately the dog I had seen on the website had a little humping problem which I didn’t have the time to train him out of. I asked the lady if there was any other older dogs that needed adopting and when I saw Jack walking up the little laneway, my first thought was oh dear.
He had little deformed feet and you could barely see him through the overgrown hair. But he fell in love with Chloe and even walked into a tree in one of the pens!
I had to have him and AAPS discounted the adoption fee since he had been with them for so long 🙁
I picked him up a few days later and we went straight to the groomers! He came out looking like the handsome gent he was and he was just adorable.
He’s had no health problems at all, is gentle, quiet and very loveable. I cannot urge people enough to adopt an older dog. They have lots of love to give and need a forever home too even though they may not live as long. At least we can make them happy and love them!
Jack has many nicknames: Jack jack, Jackie Chan, Mr Chan, Jackie Moon, Moon dog and Mr Moon!
We love him dearly and will always come back to AAPS to rehome Golden Oldies – it’s just a shame I already have 3 of them and can’t have anymore!
The Hurst Family