I adopted Johnny from keysborough 6 months ago. People said I was crazy getting a big Greyhound especially since I dont have a large yard.
I have to admit that it took about two months for Johnny to settle in as he was an ex-racer and had never lived in a house before. But now he has taken to home life splendidly.
Adopting Johnny opened me up to a large community I never knew existed. Greyhound groups that have social walks and get togethers.
So many stories and funny pictures on social media sites connecting people all over the world.
Johnny has won over my whole neighborhood with people coming up to us all the time for a pat or chat.
And despite the misconception he doesn’t need that much exercise (greyhounds are really quite lazy) and he loves little dogs. He even met a wombat the other day and was captivated by it wondering what it was.
I am so happy I went against opinion and adopted him. He is the most gentil loving dog who makes me happy to come home after a long day at work.

Many Thanks