Lucky (RIP)

Lucky (named Albert 30668 by AAPS) passed away recently.

We adopted Lucky in July 2010, and we shared 4 wonderful years with him. Thank you to Julie for bringing Lucky to us, and for finding out his original name J. Lucky settled into our home immediately, like he was ours from the start.

I recall on his second night with us, I walked into our bedroom to place a blanket on the bed. He followed me and was watching me -although I wasn’t aware at the time. When I realized, I turned my head to look at him, he dropped his body on the ground, and starting snoring, pretending to be asleep! We realized we had a smart arse dog, a clever boy that knew what to do.

Our Lucky dog’s life with us was a very happy and spoilt life for him indeed. He was struggling with his health of late, and deteriorated rapidly.

Between the porterhouse steaks and lasagnes that I cooked for him, he always ate (and was treated) like a king. We loved and will forever love our Lucky boy. We are forever grateful that such a beautiful boy came into our lives.

Thank you Keysborough Shelter.