majorHello Rob,

My husband, Ian and I adopted Major 18 months ago & my he has come a long way.

When we came to the shelter to enquire about Major we were told he was a stray, he only allowed people to pat him between the eyes – DO NOT touch him on the back or tail & he attacked dogs. This did not put us off – as it had others we were told -we have both grown up with pets & were confident we would be able to have a pet like this.

Well, with a lot of love, patience & persistence we have a different cat to the cat that came home with us. Major has learnt to trust us & we have learnt to know when Major has had enough of our affection. We can now pat him on the head, neck, shoulders, chest, paws & back. He also lets visitors to our house pat him from head to back. We introduced Major to dogs over a six month period & he doesn’t attack them. We now have a puppy & they are good friends. They play chasey up & down the hall way, the game is usually instigated by Major. When Major has had enough of  whatever game he & the puppy are playing he just walks away.

Major hasn’t quite figured out how to look after his long locks. I have tried to groom him as much as he will allow, but he does not like the brush & he ended up having more knots than I could cut off. So off to the vet for a haircut he went yesterday. When he came back with his new do in the afternoon we can see why he was such an unsociable boy. His back, shoulders & tail is peppered with scars! I don’t mean just a few, there would be at least two-four little scars per centimetre square all over. No wonder he wouldn’t let anyone touch him!

Attached below are a few photos of Major.

Mirella Gray