I was looking at animals available for adoption on your website, and came across the page about rehoming stories, so thought I would share mine with you.
I met my former cat, Oscar, at your shelter almost 13 years ago. He was a tiny 3 month old at the time, born in the shelter from a stray mother cat. My mum thought he suited our family because he needed to be indoors given his pale complexion, but I chose him because he was the only one of his litter who didn’t attack my shoelaces… I knew this was the gentle and loving companion I had been looking for.
When he came to our house he was not much bigger than my mum’s hands, but for some bizarre reason he loved to play with the giant exercise ball about 10 times his size. He also loved chasing straws, climbing up the inside of Christmas trees, and batting at the outside of the fish tank. I name him Oscar after Oscar Wilde, because in between his generally sweet temperament he would occasionally and suddenly go in to these “wild” moods of running up and down the house for no apparent reason.
But his favourite thing of all was cuddles – if you sat on the couch, within 30 seconds Oscar would have snuck his way quietly on to your lap, often without being noticed for a while. It’s hard to believe how sneaky he was, considering that tiny kitten grew to an 8kg giant in adulthood. If you tried to deter him or put him on the couch next to you, he would just keep persisting until you let him stay on your lap, and was happy to have all manner of plates and homework books placed on top if it meant he could stay there. At night he slept on my bed, and in the morning climbed all over me purring and gently batting at my face for pats – it’s hard to get out of bed on time when a cat sits down on your chest and purrs the minute you wake up.
Oscar was a little weary of strangers, and particularly children, but if they sat quietly enough he would soon come out of his hiding place and snuggle on to their lap too. Many people who visited my house saying they disliked cats left saying how wonderful Oscar was – his purr was so contented it could make a cat lover out of anyone.
Oscar sadly passed away earlier this week, only just past his 13th birthday, but even right to the end he was happiest to snuggle up in my arms. The photo I have attached is the last photo I have of him, taken a couple of months ago, which shows the full extent of his soft cuddly fur that has permanently integrated into everything I own.
Despite the sad empty hole I have associated with his loss, I feel so privileged to have met such a wonderful companion who has been there for me during some of the toughest parts of my life, and grateful that your shelter rescued his mother so that he could bring so much joy to everyone he met throughout his life.
All the best,