Hi all,
It’s just ten days since we adopted – or rather, were chosen by – Lacey, since renamed and answering to Phoebe. She has completed her takeover of the household in record time. Maddie (who we adopted from AAPS in 2009) growled and sulked behind the television for two days, gradually emerged, and now they are starting to play. They’ve turned the hallway into a morning speedway. Phoebe, being a modern cat, has figured out how to turn my computer on and off by marching up and down on the keyboard, does maintenance by licking the screen, and has typed several emails in cat code (the sort that reads 444444444444444444444///////////////hhj[). She’s also into any food she can get her paws on – literally. Fear not, we do not give cats non-cat food, even if they are strange little clowns who decide they do like bananas.
Besides being a shameless thief and general pest, she’s the most adorable, sweet-natured little darling, usually keen for a cuddle or for snuggling in under a seated human’s chin, the perfect place to have a big bath, apparently. We’re absolutely delighted she chose us and love her to bits.
Maddie was not available for comment.