When a stray animal is brought in to us we will do our best to try and reunite them with their family.
· Check of a collar with tags, we look for phone numbers or a council registration tag
· Scan the animal for a microchip, if there is a chip we look up the contact details
· Try to contact the owner, if this is unsuccessful it is usually due to the number being incorrect or out of date
· Contact the local council to enquire if they have a registration matching the microchip
· Post a photo of the animal with details on where it was found on our lost and found group (INSERT LINK FOR GROUP)
If we contact you to notify you we have your fur-baby with us, you can rest easy knowing firstly that they are safe!

Our staff will confirm with you what you need to bring with you when you come in, they can also discuss a time that suits you to come in to take your fur-baby home.

What you need to bring with you:
· Leash for dogs or Pet Carrier (small animals: cats, rabbits, pigs & birds)
· Proof of council registration
· Microchip number
· Your photo identification
Office Hours
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Sunday 11:00am – 3:00pm