Hello Mandy and Jamie and everyone at Keysborough.
Just want to let you all know how well I have settled into my new home.  My new Mum and Dad love me to bits, and I have a lovely comfortable new home.  I am a real indoor girl, but love to explore the gardens and follow Dad to the workshop, and ride in the car – we start the day with a walk in the park and breakfast.   I am also learning lots of new tricks with my lovely “personal trainer” and Mum and Dad. Check out my new special ‘Staffy’ collar – a welcome gift from our neighbours, also Staffy lovers and owners, who think I am just ‘gorgious’ too.  I have my day bed in the lounge with ‘Teddy’, a lovely covered deck to sun myself, or enjoy the fresh air in the shade, and my evening bed in OUR bedroom.  After our busy days we all relax and watch TV on the couch together.   The food is great, and I get lots of kisses, pats and cuddles, and feels like I have been here always.  Shimma has found her Mum and Dad and her FOREVER HOME – THANKYOU TO YOU ALL.  SHIMMA. XXX