Snapchat-1193613835669147819Hello aaps!
A few months ago, my partner and I adopted a cat from you, (known as ‘mack’ at the time) and renamed him Sidley. We just wanted to express how thankful we are to have this little bundle of love and light in our lives. He is so gentle and loving and ridiculously cute; like a little ball of light and positive energy in our lives. He is always following us around and giving us cuddles and kisses and laying all over us both when we’re in bed or on the couch. But probably the best part is that he has become best friends with my (almost) 5 year old cat, Mr Cringe. The two are inseparable and are constantly playing and romping around the house together. It has made us all so happy to have Sidley come into our lives. So thankyou for taking such good care of him until he found his forever home with us.
We send all our love to everyone who works hard to create a better life for the animals at your shelter!
We’ve attached some photos of the boys for you to see!
From Erin & Dennis.