Keep your contact details updated!

These are some quick and simple steps you can take now to help give your fur-baby the best possible chance of finding their way home to you if they are ever lost.

Name Tag

Simply by having a name tag with a contact number can have your fur-baby back to you as soon as they’ve been found, even if that is by a member of the public.

Name tags can be purchased at most pet supply stores & usually cost around $10, a small price for peace of mind.

Pet Registration

If your fur-baby has a council tag when they are found, your council can be called for your contact details

It is important to ensure your fur-baby’s registration is up to date & so are your contact details with your local council.

No Microchip?

That’s OK! It’s quick & can be done by most vets. Once the chip is implanted, your vet will complete the registration with your contacts.

Don’t wait! Book it now!

Microchipping your fur-baby will make a difference, unlike a collar they can not be lost! It’s a record of identification for life!

No chip number?

If your fur-baby is already chipped but you don’t know the microchip number, check the papers you received when you purchased/adopted your fur-baby or call your council as you must provide it when your register them. Otherwise contact your regular vet.

A microchip with out of date details is as good as not having one at all if you can’t be contacted.

Already chipped?

Is your fur-baby already micro-chipped but you’re not sure who with? Simply go to Pet Address & put their chip number to search who it is registered with.

If you know who it’s registered with you can update your contacts directly with them online.

Keep it updated

Everytime you change your Phone number, email address or move house make sure you update your details with your council, vet & microchip registration.

Thousands of fur-babies who ARE micro-chipped, are NEVER reunited with their family because their microchip details are out of date!

Are your contact details up to dated?