I lost my 13 year old jack russell 3 years ago and thought I would give a home to a dog from an animal shelter. As I was about to walk in this huge dog, which was returning from a walk with a volunteer, came over to me and licked my hand. He is a lovely boy however too large for me. I thought.

I could not get this dog out of my head. I kept looking at his photo on the web site. He had been re-homed previously and returned to the shelter as he was a handful with no mannesr but a big heart. So, I thought okay he is my dog. I am up for the challenge. He has since learnt manners, loves to lay on the couch and joins in all family activities. I couldn’t be happier and I believe with all my heart Zeus is happy too. He lives like a king and I truly believe he deserved the life he now has. Thanks to Animal protection society for bringing us together.