We adopted žižek last december as a 3mth old kitty. I had wanted an older cat but when we went around, žižek was meowing and calling me to his little enclosure with his cute little paws. One of your staff turned to me and said that I have been chosen! lol.

We went to check him out and he couldn’t stop purring. Until today, his purrss are still loud and very affectionate. žižek is 1 years old now and we have moved to a home with bigger space. He enjoys his time playing, starring out the window, basking in the sun and taking afternoon naps with us. He has definitely changed the home vibes. My husband who was one a non pet person, loves žižek unconditionally. In fact, žižek greets him first every morning and they rub faces. He does not do that to me at all. žižek look to me only for food! lol

In All, žižek is very sociable, easy, intelligent and a tremendously funny cat who continuously charm and bring to joy to anyone who knows him. We love him so much and always so glad we adopted him.

Thank you so much AAPS!

Emilia and Chris