The Australian Animal Protection Society (AAPS), under the leadership of Elizabeth (Betty) Hardy, was established in 1972 by a group of people greatly concerned about animal welfare, to help address the need for an Animal Shelter in the South Eastern region of Melbourne in Victoria.

After more than 45 years, the shelter continues to care for and nurture animals and aims to return as many as possible to their owners or to find them new ‘furever’ homes. Although most animals in our care are dogs, cats and rabbits, we accept ALL animals in need. Including native animals, farm animals, birds, ferrets, and other domesticated animals.

AAPS is a community-based, not-for-profit registered Charity. We rely entirely upon volunteers and community support together with our Opportunity Shops, to provide essential financial support for the Shelter as we do not receive any Government funding at all.

We work very closely with ALL animal welfare organisations in our endeavour to provide protection, assistance, and welfare for all animals.

AAPS is totally committed to maintaining and continuing its Mission Statement -

“Protecting animals, changing lives”.