Due to the reduced capacity at our temporary site, there is an increased urgency to enlist as many dedicated foster care volunteers as possible. 

We are always in need of new volunteer foster carers who can provide temporary accommodation for cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, rabbits, and guinea pigs.

Each individual foster case will vary and may range from two weeks up to three months.

Please fill in the form below to register your interest in fostering.



You’ll need:

  • enthusiasm

  • experience with animals – especially kittens, puppies, etc

  • compassion and an appreciation that every animal is individual

  • time - to care for needs, socialisation, and feeding

  • a secure spare room

  • to live within close proximity our shelter

  • own transport and able to travel to pick up a foster animal or seek veterinary attention if required

  • a stable home environment

  • house check performed by one of our Animal Welfare team

  • own pets (if any) are de-sexed, vaccinated, and proven to be social with other animals

  • long-term commitment is ideal but we understand that a trial may be required before committing

you'll do:

  • feed, groom, socialise, and provide all round care for the animal

  • follow our guidance on training and handling

  • play a positive role in the rehoming process by providing photos, videos, and regular email updates

  • attend the shelter for clinic or rehoming appointments, which may be last minute

what we provide:

All food, equipment, support, and training is provided before taking the animal home, as well as, throughout the foster period.

You’ll get:

  • regular contact and support from our Animal Welfare and Foster team

  • veterinary support

  • to help our animals find their forever homes

  • pride and satisfaction that you have made a difference

submitting your application:

Fill in the application form, the more information provided the better. We will get back to you to conduct an informal telephone interview.

You can apply to foster both cats, dogs, rabbits, and guinea pigs, however, it's highly unlikely that you will have them at the same time.   

arranging a home visit:

If your application is successful, we will organise our Animal Welfare team to come and perform a home check. These are relaxed and usually take around 20 minutes and help us to establish your needs as a foster carer as well.

Ideally, we look for homes that will provide a calm environment for the animals. A spare room, to accomodate the cat or kitten, is essential. If your home visit is passed, we will inform you via email and put you on our foster list.