If you have found an animal and suspect they may be stray or lost, please contact us on 9798 8415 for advice. The animal has the best chance of returning home if it remains in the area that it was found.

Did you know our adoptions cattery is open in our new temporary shelter?

We have just recently reopened our adoptions cattery in our new temporary facility and you can now visit us to meet our fantastic felines!

We have some incredibly special cats and kittens waiting for homes, so please come and visit and see if we can help you find your next feline family member. Visit our website to get to know our cats currently up for adoption.

Please note, that while our temporary shelter has not been open long, already the demand is high for cats needing our help.

At AAPS, we will never turn away an animal in need. It is our mission to do all we can to give animals the best possible chance at a wonderful new life.

We have limited space so may not be able to take your pet immediately. We do however treat each case individually. We ask that you contact us before coming down to the Shelter so we can explore options to help you and discuss when we can accommodate your pet.

Our Animal Welfare Coordinators can be contacted on 9798 8415 or

No matter how desperate the situation is, we strongly advise against giving away animals to unknown persons or leaving your animal somewhere to fend for itself. This would be very stressful for your animal, they may fall into the wrong hands and risk being hurt and suffering a terrible outcome. It also makes it much harder when animals are brought to us with no history as we have no indication of their past, which slows down the rehoming process while we get to know them.