We have endured some hectic and exciting times over the past few months preparing our temporary home, 132 Bangholme Road, to be fit for animal and human habitation. Despite the former factory being the best fit as our temporary shelter it has presented some complexities. Currently, we are working on getting the drainage, ventilation, and temperature control up to Animal Shelter Code of Practice Standards, whilst also meeting various Building Regulations and Council Permit conditions. These requirements are close to being completed and we expect to be fully operational and housing animals in need of care in the near future.


In further exciting news the journey towards our future home at Perry Road is underway. Sandridge Roads Pty Ltd outbid four other companies for the right to undertake the civil works on site. It is hard to envisage the scale of works required but according to Melbourne Water specifications we are required to raise the 15 acres by one metre so ground water run-off is controlled. Works are scheduled to take a number of weeks and will see us to February 2019 as a minimum. 

Our Subdivision Permit (the breakup of our title into six smaller lots) has been endorsed by Council. Once the above-mentioned works have been completed, the relevant authorities and Dandenong Council will apply their checks and balances before issuing the final Plan of Subdivision (POS). We are hoping for this around Feb/March 2019. The POS is required prior to the commencement of any building works.

Dandenong Council issued the Planning Permit for the construction of our new home earlier this year. This came with 13 pages of conditions, which the Committee of Management, our relocation manager, and our architects Therian Pty Ltd are working through as quickly as possible to get endorsed. Once this is done, we will enter the tender process phase to select the right builder.

We are committed to keeping you up-to-date with our progress. If you would like to learn more specific information feel free to contact our relocation manager Scott via email: relocation.manager@aaps.org.au

Megan Seccull