Our Animal Shelter is relocating and 126 animals currently in our care need to be placed into homes by 20th June 2018. From today until June 20th all adoption fees will be halved.

Our current shelter at Keysborough has been acquired by the Education Department and although we have purchased a new property to develop, it won’t be ready in time to meet the deadline when we have to vacate. A temporary location has been found however due to all the Council requirements that we need to conform to, we are greatly concerned we may end up with a number of animals and no place to house them.

With your help we are hoping to find homes for approximately 100 cats and 26 dogs. We need help to put a call out far and wide for foster carers, rescue groups and the general community to step forward and offer either temporary or permanent homes for these lovely animals.

A new Committee of Management was elected 12 months ago and was charged with the enormous task of moving the entire shelter by June 30th this year. It soon became apparent that the site purchased in Perry Road, Keysborough would not be ready in time, so the search began for a temporary site. After visiting all manner of properties in the Dandenong area, each with their own logistical problems, we finally found a temporary home that ticked most of the boxes and we rejoiced.

We expected a few problems in readying this site for animal use, however not the roller coaster ride we’ve endured. We now have 6 weeks to go until we have to move and although on the threshold of Council signing our permit, we will still have to fit out the property with pens and facilities to care for the animals to be housed there.

We cannot risk having animals and no place to take them.

The Australian Animal Protection Society is a not for profit organisation that receives no government grants but relies solely on donations to operate. AAPS have never refused to accept an animal into its care and have worked tirelessly over the last 40 years to give shelter and a future to thousands of animals.

We intend to continue this work once we are settled into our temporary site at 132 Bangholme Road, Dandenong South but we just have to ensure the animals currently in our care are safely settled elsewhere and request your help to facilitate this outcome.

If you can adopt, please visit, if you can’t – please share, if you are from a rescue group or are interested in fostering please call our office on 9798 8415.

For any questions, or if you would like to discus this with us further please contact our committee on president@aaps.org.au

Megan Seccull