Temporary Premises – 132 Bangholme Rd, Dandenong South 

After many months of hard work adhering to regulations, it is a pleasure to report that we finally have our full Certificate of Occupancy and approval from Dandenong Council. This means that we are fully operational and are now able to start caring for dogs too.

The dog kennel designs were tweaked to incorporate the research gained by the team from their trip to the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. The changes we have made will benefit the mental well-being of animals that come into our care in an aim to reduce length of stay periods.

Once construction activities ceased, an earnest clean up of the premise begun and the staff were happy to showcase the temporary home on December 2nd at our Christmas Market Day.

Perry Rd - Subdivision 

Anyone driving past in recent times would be impressed by the heavy machinery working hard to prepare the site of our new facility. Work started in September and since then, the progress is obvious every day. First to go sadly were over 40 trees along with the blackberries and gorse bushes. The next stage was taking down the infrastructure like the house and sheds. Recent work has focussed on bringing in the required fill and this is progressing quickly. 

Prior to the Christmas shut down, Sandridge Roads are aiming to have completed the bulk of the fill, sewer connectivity, water mains, capping layer of the road and the roadside gutters. The final activity is the pouring of the asphalt and this will occur in mid-February. Allowing for the paper work process, we hope to have the Permit of Subdivision by the end of April 2019. 

works are underway at our Perry Rd site

works are underway at our Perry Rd site

Perry Rd – Construction of the new premises 

Two members of our team are heading to Brisbane to tour a newly built animal shelter and gain knowledge and helpful insights regarding the transition, design, and building processes.

The target is to then finalise the design, create the necessary documentation for council approval and be ready to start construction as close as practical upon receiving the Certificate of Subdivision. 

start imagining the new facility

start imagining the new facility

Megan Seccull