Perry Road - Civil Works

The New Year has brought with it positive progress at our future site. The civil works at Perry Rd continued on schedule for most of January and February and those driving by would be impressed by the amount of heavy machinery constantly moving the earth around. They, seemingly independently, yet obviously coordinated, have finally finished and moved on.

The coordination of the machines is made possible because the required levels specified by Melbourne Water are created in engineering programs that produce data files that can be loaded into the GPS systems of the heavy machinery. A bit of technical mumbo jumbo if you ask us but we are all impressed, here at AAPS, by their Google maps for moving dirt.

As mentioned, the works moved on schedule for most of January and February minus a few delays to sort out the electrical components. However, this has now been sorted and the civil works, like asphalting the road, are getting back underway. We envisage the civil works to be completed by early March 2019.

If you happen to be driving past, please take a minute to turn off into Aegean Ave and have a look at how much progress has been made. The road is clearly apparent, and the footpath has been created and very step forward is a huge leap for our animal kind!

A shot of the levelling work completed by the heavy machinery at Perry Rd.

A shot of the levelling work completed by the heavy machinery at Perry Rd.

Perry Road - Building the Facility

The AAPS Committee of Management, in conjunction with our new General Manager Sean Coleman have been working hard on finalising the design of the new buildings.

A workshop with representatives from our building partners and AAPS was held to explore ideas such as the creation of boarding facilities and an increase in consulting and surgery rooms in the vet clinic. It was a very productive workshop and we are now waiting on the next version of drawings. These will be ready soon and a submission for our endorsed planning permit will commence thereafter.

Council will take some time to review the submission before granting the endorsed planning permit, but once received, we can focus wholly and solely on getting this facility built for the animals that need us.

Megan Seccull