Perry Rd – Construction of the new premises.

The Committee of Management has been working hard on finalising the design of the new buildings. 

A workshop was held on Jan 16th with representatives from Therian (architects) Savills (our construction project managers) TrevorMain (Quantity surveyors) and AAPS to explore ways of increasing revenue and reducing the construction costs. Ideas such as the creation of boarding facilities and an increase in consulting and surgery rooms in the vet clinic are possible outcomes.

The new plans are nearing completion. The initial plans were promising, had wonderful architectural features and were discussed for some time, but the welfare of the animals in the new facility was constantly on the minds of the relocation committee. In late 2018, two staff members and one Committee member received a scholarship to attend Battersea Animal Shelter in the UK, and the learnings from this trip were paramount in the alterations to the designs. The first aspect of the design to change was the size of the animal pens. Battersea have put into practice research that shows the bigger the pen for each animal, the less their behaviour deteriorates during their stay and the more adoptable they are. As we are aiming for our new premises to be best-practice in all areas of operation, we redesigned with this principal in mind i.e. begin with larger pens and design everything else to suit.  

We have received the finalised internal drawings and are now waiting on the next version of drawings that the Council have stipulated in the planning permit. These will be ready soon and will form the basis of the consultant’s input as stipulated by Council.

Over the next few weeks, the drawings will be collated along with, updated consultant reports and AAPS inputs into a submission for our endorsed planning permit. Council will take some time to review the submission before granting the endorsed planning permit, but once received we can finalise the construction drawings, start the tender process, select a builder and focus on obtaining the necessary building permits.

Megan Seccull