Where we are…

The last quarter has been one of mixed progress for the construction of our new animal shelter at Perry Rd. The overall completion date remains mid to late 2020 but certain key milestones are proving to be elusive. 

The biggest of which continues to be the approval of the ground works and the granting of our new titles.  The works were completed long ago but we are still awaiting sign off from the relevant authorities.

Whilst the subdivision permit activities continue, the design is progressing at full speed. At the end of July, our Engineers reached 70% completion of the services design documentation. This adds an incredible level of detail to the designs when considering the input by civil, structural, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, sustainability and fire engineers.

The 70% milestone is significant as a pause point so the engineers and architects can align their documentation. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the cost and as such, all parties gathered in mid-August to consider more economical alternative materials and construction techniques.

The look ahead… 

The tender process will kick off early September and run for a few months. This will allow for the five selected builders to seek clarifications and cost their response, whilst allowing AAPS to negotiate the final scope of works and price with the winning bidder. Hopefully, this will be completed in time for building permits, labour and materials so construction can start on the first working day of Jan 2020. As mentioned above, permissions are outside our control, but we remain optimistic that council will sign off shortly. 

Megan Seccull