Please complete the rabbit/guinea pig wanted form or, alternatively, you can come into the shelter yourself.

Contact our adoptions team to arrange a play date:

Email: office@aaps.org.au or visit our Rabbit and Guinea pig Facebook page for more information.

Weekend adoptions and play dates must be pre-arranged to ensure an experienced staff member is available to assist you.



Name: Mara Tag #: 529088
Breed: Crested x Colour: Tri
Gender: Female Age: 11 months old
Status: On old
Mara’s Tail: Mara is a very sweet girl who is a bit shy at first, though she has gained confidence with other guinea pigs. She will need to do a date so she can choose her own friend, and we do that at the shelter.



Name: Fallow Tag #: 529068 Roe Tag #: 529067
Breed: Dwarf lop x Colour: Fawn/Harlequin
Gender: Female Age: 5 months old.
Status: Available together
Fallow’s Tail: Fallow and Roe are very sweet but very nervous. They are very bonded so need to go home together, and an experienced and quiet home would be perfect for this pretty pair. They are almost litterbox trained and enjoy “treat time” and their favourite treat is sultanas.



Name: Sesame Tag #: 529125
Breed: Dwarf x Colour: Sooty Fawn
Gender: Female Age: 2 1/2 years
Status: Expressions of interest
Sesame’s Tail: Sesame is a very sweet girl who loves a head rub and adores eating treats from your fingers. She is looking for a nice desexed male rabbit for a friend, and we do bunny dates to make sure they love each other! Sesame is litterbox trained as well, and she is a very clean rabbit.



Name: Nougat Tag #: 528479
Breed: Abyssinian x Peruvian Colour: White tri
Gender: Male Age: 9 months
Status: On Hold
Nougat’s Tail: Nougat is a lovely boy, very sweet and calm and okay to be gently handled. He is very good with other guinea pigs and will need to go home with at least one other guinea pig. We do dates to see if guinea pigs are compatible.