For us humans spring is a lovely time as we watch the flowers start to bloom, but for some with that comes dreaded hay fever! Springtime allergies also affect our pets and may cause them the same sort of grief, typically in the form
 of intensely itchy, red, and inflamed skin. While it can be much more difficult to tell which allergen is causing problems in our pets, there are some common kinds we see frequently. 

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Megan SeccullComment

When we first saw Max on the pet rescue website we instantly fell in love with this little fur ball and knew we had to bring him home. I sent out an enquiry to AAPS and we were to meet him on 2nd September. We were too excited to adopt him and hence we asked if we could bring him home the same day - we felt another family would snap him up otherwise.

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Wow, how cool is this, a new shelter and website! Not only do I get to help out in the office a couple of days a week they’ve also asked me to write blogs to give a dogs perspective of the world and report on what’s going happening at AAPS. If you ask me it’s long overdue. We also have a cat, yes a cat writing a column in the Newsletter! Honestly, as if a cat would know what’s going on.

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Megan Seccull