Max’s story was all too familiar to us here at AAPS. Sadly, he belonged to a family that grew tired of having a cat and eventually surrendered him to the Shelter. Max spent eight years giving that family his love, only to one-day wake up in a different environment and not know why he was left there. 

We made sure Max was fit and able to be re-homed and then set to work finding him the perfect ‘furever’ home. However, Max was a special case, not only was he a bit older than the usual surrenders but he had a cataract in one eye, which meant he was limited to being indoors

We wondered at the adoption interest we would get for Max and hoped he wouldn’t need to spend any more time than necessary at the Shelter. Boy, was all that worry for nothing. Max’s profile went up and within a matter of days he had a new family who loved him. 

We spoke to his owners a week ago to see how Max was settling in and they wrote us this lovely email detailing their and of course Max’s happiness… 


When we first saw Max on the pet rescue website we instantly fell in love with this little fur ball and knew we had to bring him home. I sent out an enquiry to AAPS and we were to meet him on 2nd September. We were too excited to adopt him and hence we asked if we could bring him home the same day - we felt another family would snap him up otherwise.

When we went to see him he was facing the wall. He greeted us, sniffed our hands, head booped and purred but faced the wall again. He looked sad and we wanted to give him all our love. The journey home was a long two-hour drive and he had pooped in his box as he was scared and nervous. While we gave him a bath straightaway, he was calm and compliant. He then hopped on our bed and now that is where he sleeps, by our feet - and not in the three cat caves we got him. On the first night he spent two hours hiding under the bed and we were worried, but by the second day he was comfortable around us and started following us around the house. Max loves head boops and cuddles. He is very chatty and we love having cat conversations with him.

He has now started playing with his toys, getting cosy on the cat tower, licks and nibbles on our hands, kneads on everything that is soft (and that includes us!) and wet noses us. He seems like a kitten most times and is fun to play with but very gentle and cuddly at other times. 

After we adopted him we read his story on the Facebook page on AAPS and we were in tears! We simply could not imagine that no one wanted Max's love as he has so much of it to give. He is our baby and this is now his forever home, we think he loves us too.

We hope more people adopt senior pets, as they are really special. They will always love you unconditionally even if they have not received too much love in the past.


Kshama and Quinn

Please feel free to share your happy adoption stories with us, we love hearing how our past boarders are doing.