Wow, how cool is this, a new shelter and website! Not only do I get to help out in the office a couple of days a week they’ve also asked me to write blogs to give a dogs perspective of the world and report on what’s going happening at AAPS. If you ask me it’s long overdue. We also have a cat, yes a cat writing a column in the Newsletter! Honestly, as if a cat would know what’s going on.

Anyway, here’s a little something about myself. I’m Tedwood Green and I’m 15 years old. They say I’m a Chihuahua-Pomeranian cross but I don’t feel cross at all, I’m actually very calm. My mum used to work in the office at the shelter. She’d be so proud to know I followed in her footsteps. She had to go away and couldn’t come back so my brother, sister and I went to live with my Aunty and her fur-kids. She has lots! I’ll tell you about them all one day.   

I loved my mum. She used to bring home all sorts of baby creatures to care for, she called them wildlife but they didn’t seem particularly wild to me. She brought home dogs and cats too, who must’ve loved it because they always stayed. We even had a couple of rats that were very funny. We were one big happy family. She took me to the shelter a few times but back then I preferred to play guard dog at home. Mum used to say I must have been doing a good job ‘cause we were never burgled.

The new shelter is different but I’m sitting on the same chair and have the same adoring humans around me, so I’m getting used to it. They’re all working very hard to get things up and running and from what I can tell are still helping lots of animals. I’ll actually be really pleased when they are able to keep animals on the premises, especially dogs, as I’m currently sharing my Aunt’s home with three Staffy puppies. She says they won’t be here for much longer though.   

Any-hoo, it’s getting a bit late. Aunty says I need to stop writing and get to bed as we’ve got an early start tomorrow. I'll catch up with you all again soon. In the mean time feel free to browse our new website.

Megan Seccull