Late last year an 11-year-old staffy named Missy was surrendered to us by her owner, as they were sick and found that they could no longer take care of her. We soon noticed that Missy had skin irritations, arthritis and was limping on her front right leg. 

The poor girl was suffering quite badly from itchiness, so we treated and relieved this problem and sent her in for a checkup with our in-house veterinarian. Missy was constantly chewing on her limping leg and upon inspection the vets found a lump. Tests were ordered and it was suggested that we needed to remove the lump and send it off to pathology.

When the results came back it showed the lump to be an aggressive mast cell tumour, which could possibly grow back. Missy was still trying to chew the wound site and we were concerned that some of the tumour still remained, so after thorough discussions it was agreed upon that we would amputate Missy’s entire front right leg. It was a big decision, but one we decided would give her the best chance at a longer, more comfortable and happier life. 


Missy sailed through the surgery and recovered quickly with us, still as calm and affectionate as before, which is why it didn’t take us long to find Missy a foster family. We placed Missy on a permanent foster agreement, meaning that the foster care family have promised her love and a home for the rest of her life, while AAPS will provide all her required veterinary treatments. 

Missy’s family writes to us often with updates and they send videos and photos of her enjoying a new, carefree life. She keeps the company of cats now and they seem to be warming to each other. Missy also loves to relax in the backyard, under the sun and go for walks. On their longer walks she hops in a pram and gets out when she wants to sniff around but is often very happy to just be pushed about.

We are so happy that Missy has found a loving home and they are very happy too, so much in fact that they now, “can’t imagine life without her.”

Megan Seccull