Benji, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross came to us 11 weeks ago but, unfortunately, it’s not the first time he has been to our shelter. This poor pooch was surrendered not once, but twice in 2014, once again in 2018 and lastly 2019 – all due to no fault of his own. Either, his owners were moving, couldn’t care for him or no longer wanted him. 

Benji at the Shelter

So, again Benji finds himself in our hands and looking for another fresh start. He’s almost nine-years-old now but is still full of life and energy, so much that he sometimes gets a little humpy with female dogs he meets, and we have to keep a close eye on him! Benji loves human company, more than other canines though, and will follow you everywhere with his eyes or feet even if you’re only moving and inch. 

Not very many people showed an interest in Benji, possibly due to his age or breed and so he spent more time with us than we would like. The more time he spent here, the more stressed he became. Separation anxiety is prevalent in a shelter environment, and Benji wasn’t coping, so a couple of staff members would take it in turn to foster him overnight to give him the respite he needed. 

Once out of the stressful shelter environment, Benji showed himself to be a completely different dog. He came out of his shell, relaxed and was full of life when going for walks. We worked tirelessly to get Benji the right home and had to turn people away because the last thing we wanted was for him to end up back here. 

We never give up on an animal in need and Benji was no different, but we started to feel down and out about not being able to find him a home. As we entered the 12th week of his tenure the feeling remained, and we asked ourselves: how can we turn this around?   

After weeks and weeks and weeks, the tables turned… A couple, who had sadly lost their Staffy’s earlier in the year and were finally ready to rescue another, came in to meet Benji. We had all had our fingers and toes crossed that Benji would be the perfect dog for them, but didn’t want to get ahead of ourselves.

Well, we needn’t have worried, as it was love at first bark. Benji was out of his bed faster than you could imagine and wagged his tail harder than he’s done before upon meeting the couple. On his 85th day with us, he had found his fur-ever home. 

There were a lot of tears when Benji left us, we had grown to know him so well, but they were all happy tears because he has finally found a family that will give him everything he deserves.

Benji relaxing on the couch and playing with toys in his new fur-ever home

Megan Seccull