We spend a lot of time and energy on all the animals that come into our shelter. However, some animals that come to us need a little extra TLC. We exist to protect animals and change their lives, for the better and this case is no different. 

In late March 2019, we had a teeny-tiny puppy surrendered to us. He was the last one left of a litter that nobody wanted, because of an apparent “deformity” (not our words). We were told the little guy was 6 weeks old and he was a third of the size of his litter mates. 

We took this English Staffordshire Bull Terrier in, not knowing if he had a promising outcome, rather that we would do what we could to help him. He sniffed and snuffled the day away, our Vet performed an admission check, and declared he had (in laypersons terms) an upside-down nose, as well as a smaller than normal chest cavity – none of which had affected his quality of life thus far. Our Vet had never seen anything like this before and we were all left baffled by this little chap. 

We aptly named him Rudolph (Rudy for short) and checked him in for specialist vet appointments, which told us that in 6 months Rudy would need to undergo surgery for his nose defect. Rudy has spent his months since being surrendered to us in foster care, which means that AAPS has footed his medical costs. 

On Sunday 25 August he underwent surgery to correct his upside-down nose, at Southpaws Specialty Surgery for Animals in Moorabbin, and came through with flying colours. Once Rudy receives his final medical clearances his foster family are keen to make it official by adopting him. 

We are reaching out to you, as we need to raise much needed funds to pay for Rudy’s care, surgery and check-up appointments, but also because we think this is an amazing human interest story. 

Support our community by donating to Rudy’s cause.

Rudy’s details: 6 months old, male, English Staffordshire Bull Terrier, brown & white. 

Diagnosis: congenital defect in nasal planum aplasia

Surgery details: Rhinoscopy performed to assess the patency of nasal passage, which confirmed morphology beyond the prominent alar folds and soft tissue. A cobalation was then performed to remove the alar cartilage and redundant soft tissue to open the nasal cavities bilaterally. 

A cobalation is a minimally invasive technology for effective dissection and removal of tissue, used in humans for ENT procedures such as a tonsillectomy. 

Cost: We have spent $2100 on his surgery, plus more on his care and appointments so, we are looking to raise money to help cover these expenses.  

Rudy’s future: It’s likely that as he gets older, he may have respiratory issues similar to Pugs or French Bulldogs, which means he might need limited exercise in warmer weather. Apart from this he will live a full and healthy life with, at this stage, no on-going surgeries required.    

Where to donate: Head to the “Support Us” page on our website and make an affordable donation, please write RUDY in the comment section so we can appropriate the funds accordingly. 

We would love any support you could offer in order to raise awareness about Rudy’s plight.

Help us to - Protect an animal, change a life!

Rudy’s plight has even made the 7 News Melbourne website. Read it here:

Megan Seccull